About Rosé Rosá

Our Story

About thirty years ago, Miriam Morazan immigrated to the United States. She began her career working for a jewelry store in New York City.  Eight years later,she gave birth to two babies, her first son Adam and her first business Adam's Jewelry. 

 Established in the Bronx in 1992, this business was built upon the idea of pure craftsmanship. Miriam’s expertise in Gemology enabled her to educate her customers on how jewelry is actually made. Through this method, Miriam pioneered the concept of having customers’ jewelry designed and fabricated in the same location. Since then, they have grown this family business into several stores throughout the Bronx and the Northeast region of Pennsylvania.


25 years of experience later, a new chapter begins. A new journey, a natural evolution to perfection, a new way of living your true talent and beauty. A strong feeling that deserves a new personality and style.

Rosé Rosá is born from dual elements that complement each other. Rosé is inspired by the masculinity of the workshop and processes. Rosá is the femininity of design, precious stones, nature as a source of inspiration and details. Rosé Rosá induces emotions and a desire to create and transcend.

Rosé Rosá is revolutionizing the jewelry business putting the customer first while continuing to be a family business. It will bring customers into the core of jewelry creation by making customers part of the jewelry design, stone selection, casting, and manufacturing process. At Rosé Rosá any customer can create its own jewelry pieces by working closely with our designer and jewelry specialists.



Our Mission Statement

Jewelry is a monumental part of many people’s lives; it can represent an individual’s personality, style, and love. Taking this vital life role into consideration, Rosé Rosá fosters a creative and passionate space that takes the complete input of customers, combined with our designers, to manifest a piece that is truly moving.





Many diamonds nowadays are deemed as “conflict-free,” yet this term is quite limiting in its definition; it does not refer to the environmental contamination that occurs in a region. This pollution oftentimes occurs in some of the most pristine places held sacred to indigenous peoples around the world. The complexity of repairing the ecological damage that is left from irresponsible mining is a persistent problem.




We craft every piece from start to finish, right here in our workshop. Our job is to get to know who you are and what your lifestyle consists of so that we can create a piece of jewelry that matches your personality. We realize that customers are exposed to many advertisements this day and age and have grown old to salesmanship. Therefore, we take a different approach, one that inspires rather than influences.

We design with you by looking for your favorite ideas and any images you may provide us. We move on to sketching ideas and we usually create photo-realistic CAD renderings to help you visualize your new piece. We strive to make each design unique, just like you.

Be it custom made or mass produced, most fine jewelry today is designed in one place, casted in another, and then sent off to be polished and finished at some other location. However, Rosé Rosá designs, creates and finalizes all jewelry in-house. Love and passion are put into every single piece we make because we really want to show the world how much effort is put into making great jewelry. We want our customers to not only know how their piece was made from start to finish, but to directly be involved in the process. We fulfill our mission to educate, inspire, and create by collaborating with everyone in this intimate and enlightening process.