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What is a Conflict Diamond?

In places popular for their mining, such as Sierra Leone and South Africa, various rebel groups exploit innocent children, women, and men to mine diamonds for them. The pursuit of diamonds in these countries fund civil wars and affect thousands of people. These heinous acts against humanity are where conflict diamonds come from.



The Kimberley Process

Before any institutional solution was created to combat the issue of conflict diamonds, a lot of campaigning between diamond producing and trading countries occurred. Additionally, conflict between those for industrialization versus activists and those belonging to a more indigenous society had to be dealt with.

Finally, in 2003, the international diamond certification system known as the Kimberley Process (KP) was established. The Kimberley Process is supposed to ensure that diamond purchases are not financing rebel movements or their allies seeking to overthrow legitimate governments and cause chaos. Despite the existence of the Kimberley Process, conflict diamonds are still being produced violence, with human life consequently being harmed.

The Kimberley Process has not evolved to address the deeper issues involving conflict diamonds and the corruption it brings with it. It is becoming an antiquated system, filled with flaws and loopholes that many of the its associated members seem little concern in reforming.