Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band

We understand that choosing the ring you will wear every day is no easy task, but before you get started, there are a couple of things to consider.
Adam’s Workshop sincerely grasps the magnitude of such a special decision. Sit down, relax, and talk about each other; this provides the direction necessary to aid you in fulfilling your engagement ring dreams. Questions you might be having may entail:

  • Would you like your rings to be identical with each other?
  • A few couples would, yet other couples are enchanted with totally different styles.
  • Does the wedding ring need to coordinate with the color and shape of the engagement ring?
  • Couples sometimes like to match each other’s ring based on its hue, but you do not have to.



A Comfort Fit is a wildly favored, modern wedding ring. It is flat on the exterior, but has comfort within the curved court fit on the interior


Depending on the design of the engagement ring, the bride may want the wedding ring to be shaped to fit around any wide set stones. The Sweep, Crossover and V shaped bands are all great pieces that can be fitted to the engagement ring so you can be sure it will be a perfect match:


Do you want a wide or narrow ring? Men generally seem to favor a wider ring, but the bribe may want to reflect upon the notion of wearing it independently. A wedding ring is made flexibly, and comes in sizes ranging from 2mm to 6mm width.


A range of matte, premium polish or dual tone finish blends can be made, if an aesthetic emphasis is placed upon the detail of the ring.


About a handful of couples enjoy inscribing something intimate to their rings, like an engraving of the partner’s name, date of the wedding, or perhaps a phrase that signifies emotional moments or bonds.
There are plenty of accessible fonts: block, script or italics. If you want to incorporate something like this, then do not ever feel shy to let us know.